Behind every great human achievement, there is a team.

From quoting to booking, to operations and invoicing, Nextour helps consultants with their day to day work.

We are business and human focused, and our mission is to help unleash the potential
of every team through collaborative work.

Our story

A project taking the initiative of tourism professionals, for tourism professionals.

The Nextour project was born in 2015 at the initiative of tourism professionals, in the field of a DMC (Destination Management Company).

The main objective was to develop a 100% web-based tool, which was as user-friendly as possible, and which met the needs of receptive companies while providing them with concrete solutions to deal with the constraints related to their activities.

Nextour’s co-founders had the vision and ambition to democratize the way information is handled within the tourism industry. They also wanted to create a complete tool that is both easy to use and accessible from all over the world via a simple web browser.

In addition to wanting to create an innovative and unique tool at the service of the DMC, they wanted to respond to the real problems of the consultants, their clients’ travel agents and tour operators. This included speed of quoting which shortened response times, live availability and the creation of digital itineraries in an automated way.

Our project managers and developers have been able to provide concrete solutions not only for decision makers, but also for business, operational and financial teams.

Four years of research and development, as well as substantial investments, have led to the creation of this revolutionary tool which has been long anticipated to serve tourism professionals.

The next step is Nextour



To facilitate the work of consultants


To consolidate information in order to provide a clear vision for decision makers


To always innovate by relying on technological developments

Our values and beliefs

Nextour is a team of real people aligned with common values.

These values guide our business, our product development and our brand.
They represent the core of the principles that we apply every day within our team, our clients and the wider society.
As we expand and recruit new talent, we face new challenges. And it is these values and beliefs that guide our people in the decisions and actions they take every day.

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