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Multilingual Descriptive
Depending on the company, the choice of a DMC software must be studied very carefully and in consultation with both the sales and operational teams. It is also important to get in touch with DMC software publishers in order to inform them of your project of implementation, in the medium or long term, of a DMC Software. At Nextour, our teams are experts in the development and implementation of destination management company software.

Upload photos with automated cropping
Nextour is equipped with a photo resizing system that makes your life easier during content loading. Your DMC Software becomes child play, and it is no longer necessary to use image software while your DMC Software is open. With Nextour, the weight of the uploaded images is optimized for the web and you can feed your DMC Software with photos in a matter of seconds. Nextour, incoming tour operator software, has put everything in place to facilitate the work of the teams.

Status On Sale / Off Sale
Follow closely, with Nextour, the status of your suppliers. Our DMC Software allows you to activate or deactivate the status of a hotel for example. Thus, you can, depending on certain periods, no longer offer this establishment to your consultants when they use the DMC Software. All your company departments are connected in this way because they are centralized in the DMC Software, which we can also call MICE Software because Nextour is also suitable for processing MICE groups.

Multi-Period Pricing
A thorough management of contracts and periods makes our DMC Software one of the most efficient on the market. Thus, you will be able to manage closing dates, promotions and weekends with ease. The structure of our DMC Software has been designed to provide increased visibility of suppliers and to allow you to communicate reliable rates to your customers. More than a DMC Software, Nextour is also your assistant who will accompany you throughout your daily tasks. Try Nextour, the best destination management company software.

Multi-Currency Pricing
In the tourism sector, we must be able to manage currencies and exchange rates, which is one of the fundamentals of a DMC Software. With Nextour, this management becomes simple and efficient for the consultants but also for the financial operations of your company. Our DMC Software is connected with online platforms in order to obtain exchange rates in real time. Our DMC Software has been designed for companies that work internationally and expect all these features from their inbound tour operator software.

Live Availability
With Nextour, one of the best DMC Software in the market, it is now possible to know the real time availability of hotels. We have set up partnerships with point technologies. Thus, our DMC Software will be able to communicate the availability of accommodation to you, which will facilitate the work of your consultants. Our DMC Software is flexible and will allow you in the long term to connect with various platforms, including software installed in hotels and allowing the connection with our incoming tour operator software.