For fast and efficient quotes, simply add your services using the drag and drop feature.

Drag and Drop

Simply add, copy and move your services using the drag and drop feature.


Regardless of the currency of purchase, quotes can be converted into different currencies in a single click.


Quotes can be generated in multiple languages.


It is possible to create multiple versions of the quotation in order to propose variants to the customer and make changes while keeping the original.


Legs allow you to create multiple routes within a single journey. This function may be useful for handling pre- and post-extensions.

Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate Management can be adapted to the DMC’s profile with automatic monthly exchange rates for consultants, day rates, etc.

Markup Policy

Markup percentages are generated by default from the customer card (CRM section). It is also possible to apply a different markup per quote, by type of service and by country.

Multi Pax Bases

It is possible to quote up to 6 pax bases within a single quotation.

Supplements & Extras

Nextour can successfully mange your supplements and extras.

Day Suggestions

Suggestions can be inserted for each day, such as tips on things to do, things to see, restaurants, etc.

Fast Rate Inserting

The search for fares and insertion in the itinerary is done in a few clicks thanks to an advanced search system.

Copy and Duplicate Services over several days

Copy a service in one click over several days. This feature is useful in cases like hotels, car rentals, etc.

Express Label

The Express Label function allows you to insert text throughout your itinerary, which is facilitated with suggestive text which can be personalised.

Edit Services Descriptions

Service Descriptions from the database can be customized for each quote.

Manage Content and Photos

You can choose the content and photos to display on the travel itinerary by making the items visible or not visible.

Anticipate Documentation and Operation Information

Even at the quotation stage, it is possible to load technical information such as instructions for the guide, notes on vouchers etc.

Save or Import as a Module

In order to speed up quotation times, parts of existing itineraries can be saved as templates and these can be accessed when developing new itineraries.

Rate Recalculation

The Price Recalculation Wizard is used in instances when there is a change of period or simply a price change. This feature is widely used when duplicating an existing quote for reuse.

Quote Analytics

Quote Analytics visualize the cost and selling price per day, by type of service, by charging policy and by service in a meaningful and simplified manner.

Hotels Live Availability

Nextour has integrated the channels of its partners, like NightsBridge, in order to offer the possibility to check the availability of hotels in real time.

Digital Itinerary

Nextour automatically generates a digital itinerary whose URL can be sent to the end customer so that they can have a clear idea of their future journey.

PDF / Word Quote & Program

A summary or detailed program can be generated in PDF and Word formats.

Export Sales Breakdown

A detailed quote showing the service sales price per service can be exported. This feature may be useful for incentive groups.

Export Cost Breakdown 

A detailed Cost Breakdown can be exported in Excel format.

Export Provisional Frontpage

A Provisional Front page (summary report) can be exported.


All quotes, legs and versions can be duplicated in order to speed up the work of consultants.


All history, modifications and deletions are saved and are accessible at any time for consultation.