Supplier Database

Manage all your suppliers’ information, contracts and rates in Nextour.

Supplier General Information

All essential information about suppliers (e.g. contact details, specifics, ratings, GPS coordinates) is centralised in a single tab.

Multi-Service Allocation by Provider

Useful for suppliers which provide several types of services such as a hotel that offers both transfers and excursions.

Multilingual Descriptive

All descriptions of hotels, excursions, restaurants and other services can be integrated into several languages.

Upload photos with automated cropping and Compression Wizard

The integrated image cropping and compression tool allows you to standardize the size and weight of photos to ensure consistency when generating commercial media.


The contract document base system allows you to create a contract in just a few clicks and then to store the scan of the contract document under the supplier. 

Status On Sale / Off Sale

Each supplier and its associated services can, at any time, be switched to Off Sale status and therefore be removed from the sale temporarily.

Multi-Period Pricing

Rates are entered according to time periods, allowing greater flexibility when entering promotional offers, public holidays, closing dates, etc.

Multi-Currency Pricing

Regardless of the currency in which prices are communicated by the supplier, Nextour is integrated with an exchange rate management tool.

Duplication of Contracts and Tariff Periods

Contracts and pricing periods simply duplicate each other to make it easier to update rates from year to year.

Upload contracts with multi-file extension support

All file extensions, including scanned contracts, pdf files and email correspondence are supported.

Extras Management

Extras can be created and attached to either the entire contract, the room type or the rate.

Managing Closing Dates

Closing dates for hotels, restaurants and activities are supported by Nextour.


As Wetu is fully integrated into Nextour, it is possible to fill in the Wetu ID for each service and generate digital routes. Mapping with Wetu is used to create the link with Nextour in order to generate digital itineraries.


The integration between Nextour and NightsBridge provides the possibility to check the availability of hotels in real time. A mapping field is therefore available for this purpose.

GPS Coordinates & Google Maps

GPS coordinates can be connected to the various services of a supplier, which are automatically associated with Google Maps. These can also be entered manually.


All the history, modifications and deletions are kept and accessible at any time for consultation.

Bank Detail & Payment Terms

The payment methods of suppliers are easily managed and several formats of bank transfers are possible for both national and international transactions.

Charging Policy

Pricing policy allows you to load Per Service or Per Person rates.