Nextour takes their next steps into Africa.

As the ever-evolving trends of the new millennial consumers continues to affect the tourism industry – a universal truth has been recognized: Your software, data storage and information integrity are as much a part of your corporate identity as your products and branding. Also true is the responsiveness of the software developers to recognize current and future trends – continually evolving to meet the challenges of the changing environment.

Nextour understood these challenges and spent five years, creating their automated software package in partnership with several major DMCs.
Nextour is a well-established European software firm originating in the UK, currently servicing customers across Europe and South America.

As DMCs face increased competition from online brokers, they can now respond to the market with an efficient management system that is both logical and easy to use. A software solution designed with a considered approach; to create a scalable environment that is fast, accurate, reliable, practical and professional.

Having identified a high demand in Southern and East Africa for a cost effective and user-friendly cloud-based solution for SME’s. Nextour will showcase their web-based DMC software at Indaba in May. Nextour CEO and developers will be on-hand to present Nextour’s drag and drop functionality as well as multiple currency and language options and many other features. On show will be their world class GDS integration with access to live availability as well as Wetu mapping; a valuable addition to maximize a competitive edge in the online market space.