Tourism Update –

Nextour will be helping all DMCs and tour operators during these tough, uncertain times by not charging fees for the next three months to help minimise the impact of the current upheaval.

DMCs and tour operators can sign up for Nextour Premium free of charge with no deposit, no implementation fees, no server hosting fees and no fixed contracts for the next three months.

“We believe this is a way for companies to breathe a bit during this difficult time where business will be slowed down,” said CEO and Co-founder of Nextour, Frédéric Fronteddu.

Nextour Premium, Starter, and Essential are cost-effective reservation software solutions. The premium version of the software is a booking platform with live availability, CRM and a supplier database system.

Nextour from Nextour on Vimeo.

CEO and Co-founder of Nextour, Frédéric Fronteddu