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In addition to providing our customers with the best dmc booking software, we offer a range of services that allow them to concentrate on their business and relieve them of some of the sometimes daunting tasks, such as data loading. We have a team of trained and qualified professionals who will be able to assist you in the incrementation of your destination management company booking software. We offer our services at really competitive rates and this allows our clients to focus on the core of their business. Nextour is not only a dmc booking software; it is also a structure created to assist the world of tourism by providing them with a range of tools and services directly related to the reality of their business and by responding to their constraints merer. So don't hesitate a single moment ! contact us if you would like to obtain further information about Nextour, the leader in terms of dmc booking software.

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Don't be alone when using your dmc booking software! A question, a concern, a suggestion? Our Technical Support team is at your disposal either by email, phone or via our integrated chat. Very actively trained on our dmc booking software and in customer relationship management, they will be able to bring you a solution adapted to the problem you encounter. They will also know how to guide you towards the best way to do things and advise you on which tool to use for a specific business case. As our inbound tour operator booking software offers a multitude of possibilities, it is sometimes a good idea to ask experts for advice to make sure the job is done right. With Nextour, never be alone again when using your dmc booking software.

The Nextour Family
Training sessions on how to use your dmc booking software are included in all Nextour packages. Depending on the size of your company and more precisely on the number of employees to be trained, several groups can be set up to provide the best incoming tour operator booking software training. In addition to the initial training, you will be able to request additional sessions, especially when new employees arrive in your company, so that they are quickly operational and know how to use the dmc booking software. At the same time, coaching by Nextour experts is planned, the aim being to ensure that everyone is fully conversant with the dmc booking software.

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Our company also offers advice to tourism professionals. Whether it is within the framework of the setting up of a dmc booking software, in the working methods having a link with technology or the need to have dmc booking software developments made to measure, we will be able to listen to you, identify your needs and understand your problems. Nextour is above all a team of specialists from the world of tourism, and more precisely people who have had, in the past, a professional experience with DMCs. This is why they have become experts in MICE booking software and offer their skills and knowledge to the tourism industry. Opting for Nextour, the dmc booking software, is to make the right choice and to know how to surround oneself well on the long term.

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Nextour is a complete offer in terms of solutions and services. in addition to covering the applicative part via our dmc booking software, we are present on the organisational part and will be able to contribute to the implementation of an optimal dmc booking software ecosystem offering you the guarantee of the security of your data, the speed of execution of your processes as well as the satisfaction of your customers. Like all dmc booking software, Nextour is constantly evolving in order to keep up with technological developments. Also, our team is receptive to any suggestions for improvements to the dmc booking software that you submit to us.

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Our approach in terms of consulting is mainly based on the experience we have acquired over the years in the field of activity. It is this experience that has allowed us to develop such a dmc booking software that meets the real needs and problems of DMCs. The fact that Nextour is cloud based offers even more possibilities for companies; no more geographical constraints to access your dmc booking software and a considerable cost reduction due to the fact that the application is hosted on servers dedicated to the dmc booking software. In the same way, data protection is ensured and our dmc booking software meets the requirements of the European GDPR regulation.