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Personal Modules
Nextour is a Travel Reservation Software for inbound tour operators both B2B and B2C. Our software is equipped with a feature that is very appreciated by users, it is the possibility to create reusable templates to quickly complete the services contained in the quote. After only one hour of training, the use of this feature will become a child play... These modules, which our Travel Reservation Software makes available to you, help consultants to be better organized and work faster.

Description and Photos
Much more than a business management software, Nextour is first and foremost a Travel Reservation Software that allows you to standardize your business proposals by integrating texts and photos for your customers tour operators and travel agents. Our Travel Reservation Software has a dynamic content library that makes daily tasks more pleasant and enjoyable. With a little organization, consultants can populate their content database and reuse it whenever they want. That is Nextour, the best Travel Reservation Software.

Import a Module into a Quote
Importing a module into a quote is a very important feature that our super Travel Reservation Software offers. When creating a quote, it is possible to consult the module database in order to import standardized day templates including all the pre-scheduled services and rates. And using this functionality gives your teams the advantage of being able to organize and work together on their own basis. Our Travel Reservation Software is equipped with the most popular features in the industry.

Company Modules
The Company Modules allow you to unify your teams through the use of our Travel Reservation Software. Indeed, it will help you to plan your clients schedule but also to plan, in advance, the creation of products for all your consultants. Also, these modules can be published on the Web via your B2B portal. With Nextour, the famous Travel Reservation Software, it is now possible to make a quote in a few clicks and therefore in a few minutes. Everything has been well thought out so that our Travel Reservation Software accompanies you throughout your process.

Planning View
The Planning View is a graphical representation of your trip itinerary available in our Travel Reservation Software. This feature, which is very popular with Nextour users, allows you to quickly visualize all the stages and services that feed your itinerary. This way, it is very easy to check the status of each service and to orchestrate reservations with suppliers. Our Travel Reservation Software is powerful and will save you a lot of time.

Creating a Module from a Quote
Creating a module from a quote is one of Nextour's best features. Thus, our Travel Reservation Software will help you to reuse the information contained in your quote in the future. It is very common that customers often ask for itineraries, so this way you will be able to store the information in a database that will be accessible for you but also for your colleagues. So don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information about our Travel Reservation Software.