Make it right

Nextour is a web-based, user-friendly platform which makes consultants lives easier and keeps customers happy !

What is Nextour

Nextour is a powerful and fully web-based Business Management Software that has been tailor-made to meet the needs of B2B inbound tour operators. It’s ergonomic and user-friendly interface will facilitate the work of salespeople, consultants and operational teams.

From quotation to bookings, contracting and invoicing both customer and supplier, Nextour integrates the main functionalities needed to manage the business of a Destination Management Company.

With Nextour, because of its capacity to quote quickly, you are able to respond to your customers’ requests in minutes.

Nextour is open to integration channels like API and Web services. It is fully implemented to work with Wetu for digital itineraries and with NightsBridge which has access to hotels’ live availability.

100% cloud-based, Nextour is accessible from a simple web browser which allows team mobility and facilitates access to information. No installation is needed.

Nextour has been developed using a powerful and scalable programming language that enables DMCs to implement new and customised features if needed.

Be fast and efficient

Planning your NexTour is simple. Quote, book and send your multilingual itinerary in a few easy steps.
Online express tools designed for B2B inbound operators.

Everything in one place

All the management of your DMC business in one efficient and user-friendly collaborative tool.

Gain in responsiveness

Creating a quote with just a few clicks is now possible with Nextour. As a result, customer response times are shortened.

Automated digital itineraries

Automatically generate a digital itinerary while you are quoting. No further action is required to produce a complete travel program.

Reuse information

The information is saved for reuse at a later date. A system for creating templates and modules allows for even faster encryption time.

Deep analysis

Keeping control of your business through a range of commercial, technical and financial reports.

Focus on your business

Nextour allows you to store everything in the right ‘drawers’ and to automate the processes of your activity so that you can focus on your business without concern.

A professional workflow tailored to the needs
and constraints of inbound operators

Make it right

100% cloud solution
Nextour is a 100% cloud-based dmc management software. It offers all the tools for collaborative work beyond a traditional workspace. It allows employees to work from home and during their business trips. The connection to Nextour is made from a simple Web browser with the possibility of activating double authentication by receiving a code by email or SMS. Undoubtedly the most advanced dmc management software in the world with servers based in European Union countries to ensure the protection of personal data under the GDPR regulation.

Work efficiently
Our dmc management software has been developed taking into consideration the majority of the constraints that can be encountered by professionals in the tourism industry. Finally a destination management company management software easy to use, ergonomic and ultra-playful which allows a very fast handling of the tool while offering all the functionalities necessary to the management of DMC operations. The power of our dmc management software that you will benefit from will allow you to develop your business and satisfy your customers always waiting for reactivity and novelties.

Be fast and friendly
What's better than a dmc management software very easy to use and allowing you to answer your customers in a fast way ? This is part of Nextour's fundamentals. Throughout its creation, the watchwords have been ease, performance and speed. Creating a quote in a few minutes is now possible with our inbound tour operator management software. The digital, pdf or Word program is automatically generated as you add services to your itinerary. A considerable time saving that will be much appreciated by your customers. So don't hesitate any longer! Come and see for yourself by testing our dmc management software.

Impress your customers?
Nextour enables you to produce sales supports of unequalled quality. Much more than a dmc management software, we provide you with a sales tool that will allow the end customer to imagine his future journey. Our incoming tour operator management software will make your travel agent and tour operator customers happy by providing them with sales supports that they can reuse in order to make the sale a reality. Nextour is the dmc management software that will accompany you throughout the marketing process. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from a free trial with no obligation.

Grow without growing pains
Finally a dmc management software that will allow you to focus on the development of your business, without worrying about the complex management of the operations you might have to manage. All the tools you need to manage your business are contained in our MICE management software. You will benefit from a range of advanced functionalities, always up to date and constantly adapted according to technological developments. If you do not yet have a dmc management software and would like to carry out a free trial period, then contact us without further delay. Our team of tourism professionals will be able to help you get started with Nextour, the dmc management software that will get your company off the ground. Nextour, the famous MICE management software, is the turnkey solution you need.

Lead customers to happiness
In today's highly competitive tourism industry, it is important to stand out from the crowd. And that starts with the acquisition of a powerful and easy to use dmc management software. Technology is now everywhere in the tourism industry, and not paying attention to it can be dangerous in the medium term. That's why Nextour, the 100% cloud based dmc management software, has been created. It will bring you all the help you need to run your business, at all levels (product, sales, operations, accounting...). Your employees will be able to adopt it and benefit from the power of this platform with "1001" functionalities. So why wait? Don't be late and come and try Nextour, the dmc management software that will make your life easier in the long term and make your customers satisfied.